Family Time in Bentonville

When we informed my mom exactly when we would return to the United States, she mentioned that my brother was interested in planning a short welcome-back vacation for the immediate family. My brother suggested we visit Bentonville, Arkansas. The city is in northeast Arkansas, about a three-and-a-half-hour drive from my family home in Oklahoma. My…Read more Family Time in Bentonville

Spring Blossoms in Guangzhou

Spring blossoms arrived in southern China at the start of March. Jun and I started seeing posts of all the flowering trees and thought it would be nice to see them. One of the best places to view them is in Guangzhou. Jun and I decided to go to the city and spend a weekend…Read more Spring Blossoms in Guangzhou

The Wonders of Western China

After six months when any travel outside of Shenzhen proved arduous, Jun and I took the opportunity of Chinese New Year and the relaxed policies to travel a bit more than normal. After much debate, we decided we would travel around the western provinces of China for the holiday.  Day 1: Getting Ready Because of…Read more The Wonders of Western China

Glimpses of Guizhou

Jun and I knew we wanted to travel to celebrate his birthday. We initially thought about going to Qingdao, but the flights and hotels there were expensive. We next thought about Chongqing, but it was extremely hot there. Then our friend suggested Guizhou. We thought it was a splendid idea. The weather was less hot…Read more Glimpses of Guizhou