The Dragon Boat Festival this year gave Jun and I an opportunity to spend the rare day off together. We decided to go to a waterfall in northeastern Guangzhou for the day to see it. Our friends Brianne and Walt also decided to go with us, which made the trip even more fun.

The waterfall we went to is known as Baishui Fairy Waterfall. There is an associated nature park that goes with it, which makes it a nice day trip from the city part of Guangzhou. When we got there we were struck by how green everything looked and how clean and clear the water was. Since it’s been raining here a lot, the water from the waterfall winded down the mountain at a rapid pace.

At the base of the park is a sort of fairy land where rocks and artificial trees are painted in whimsical scenes. They change the theme of the rocks and trees every now and then because right now they are painted with a Zootopia theme. The children really enjoyed it. To be honest I really enjoyed it too!

The start of the walk goes along a wooden plank path. It was rustic and quaint walking on the older planks. The walk up to the source lake at the top of the mountain requires climbing 4,999 steps. At around 2,000 steps you get to the last viewing platform to see the waterfall. We got to around 2,299 steps before we decided to go back down the waterfall. Everyone told us that it wasn’t that interesting up at the top.


I’m glad we didn’t go all the way up because we ended up having a nice lunch at the entrance to the park and talked until we went back to the city center of Guangzhou. For a hard to reach waterfall park, it was definitely worth the effort to see it and experience a greener side to Guangzhou.

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