Family Time in Bentonville

When we informed my mom exactly when we would return to the United States, she mentioned that my brother was interested in planning a short welcome-back vacation for the immediate family. My brother suggested we visit Bentonville, Arkansas. The city is in northeast Arkansas, about a three-and-a-half-hour drive from my family home in Oklahoma. My…Read more Family Time in Bentonville

Reunion in Yongping

While in the U.S., Jun’s mom contacted us and asked if we would come to Yongping—Jun’s mom’s hometown—for the birthday celebration of Jun’s aunt. In addition to the birthday, Jun’s mom was going to have a house warming party for her new apartment in the family’s new house. It was essentially going to be a…Read more Reunion in Yongping

Puebloan Adventures

During our stay in Oklahoma, my mom, Jun, and I decided to take a short road trip to Colorado. After thinking about where we would like to go, we settled on visiting Durango and the surrounding area. Day 1 The drive to Durango from Guthrie took us between 11 to 12 hours. Fortunately, Mom and…Read more Puebloan Adventures

Spring Festival with Family

Lunar New Year arrived at the beginning of February. After discussing possibilities, Jun voiced his desire to return to Dexing to spend the holiday with his dad and stepmom. Since it had been awhile since we visited, we thought it was a great time to go there. By the time we had come to that…Read more Spring Festival with Family