Glimpses of Guizhou

Jun and I knew we wanted to travel to celebrate his birthday. We initially thought about going to Qingdao, but the flights and hotels there were expensive. We next thought about Chongqing, but it was extremely hot there. Then our friend suggested Guizhou. We thought it was a splendid idea. The weather was less hot…Read more Glimpses of Guizhou

Welcoming the Year of the Tiger in Yunnan

Planning for our Chinese New Year holiday was complicated by recent cases of COVID-19 in Shenzhen. The place we originally had planned to visit has in place strict policies related to visitors from outside the province. As such we would only be allowed to enter the province if we were quarantined for two weeks, which…Read more Welcoming the Year of the Tiger in Yunnan

A New Year’s Holiday in Huangshan

Because of how the Christmas and New Year’s holidays fell on Saturdays this year, I had to take two consecutive Mondays off. I decided to take the week in between off as well for a longer holiday. The first part of the week had Jun and I visit Beijing for Christmas. The second part of…Read more A New Year’s Holiday in Huangshan